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 Angie's List Reviews


-This dentist is very easy to get along with, understanding, and has a GREAT office environment. The staff is extremely friendly and they always work with your needs.

~Posted by brittany on January 02, 2008. Brought to you by vimo

-Dr. Klugman and his staff are wonderful. He has an i-pod in his office, and he plays the greatest music. I look forward to it every time. I have never had any bit of pain while being in his office. I would recommend him to anyone on this planet. The hygienist, Lucy, is wonderful. She is a hardworking young woman. She is always apologizing for hurting me. She is very nice. They are very accommodating if you need to change your appointment. They will call you if you have a cancellation, and ask if you want to change your appointment. They let me make payments, and as long as I pay him every month he is happy.

~by Angie's List 6/2/2009

-Can count on them
Fair pricing and up-front attitude. Will go over all options and discuss what is absolutely necessary with you.

~Posted by KW from Hillsborough, NJ on September 26, 2006. Brought to you by superpages.

-I have been going to this practice since Dr. David's father ran it (more than 40 years). Even when I moved about 25 miles away, I continued to go here. I don't think I would find another dentist that does work this good.
In this instance, as always, my appointment started right on schedule. I had my X-rays and cleaning with the dental hygenist, followed by a check-up by Dr. David. No problems this time.
I should mention that in the past I have had fillings, bondings and crowns done by Dr. David and all were completed satisfactorily.
The office staff is pleasant and the office has an upbeat atmosphere. My experience has always been positive.

~ by Angie's List 6/21/2013

-I have worked with Dr. Klugman, and as a dental hygienist who has worked for periodontists (who get patients from general dentists), and other general dentists; I can honestly say I believe his work is exceptional. I believe he does the most aesthetic white/composite restorations that I've seen in my 18 years in the dental profession. So if you're looking for a dentist with talent, professionalism, and dedication; Dr. Klugman fits the bill.

~by Facebook 12-10-2013

-Exceptional dentist! Rarely does one rave about a dentist, but I am willing to bet most dentists in the area see him. He is extremely caring and thorough.

~by Google Plus 2014

-Dr. Klugman is by far the best dentist I have ever been too. My family and I have been patients of his for over 20 years. He is very thorough, efficient, punctual, personable. He keeps excellent records. He does excellent work. The office staff is great as well. I highly recommend him.

~Provided by ratemds.com posted on: 12/29/2014

Extremely knowledgeable, patient, very willing to spend time explaining complicated procedures, and all around as comfortalbe an experience as one can imagine , considering the necesssary time and discomfort usually expected.

~Provided by Ratemds posted on: 1/23/2015